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Austria is a proud member of the United Nations, having joined immediately after regaining her full sovereignty in 1955. So, as the United Nations celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2015, Austria celebrated her 60th anniversary as a UN member state. Since 23 August 1979 the Vienna International Centre (VIC) has been one of the four headquarters of the United Nations.

The VIC houses 4 500 offices and 9 conference halls and it is connected to the Austrian Centre Vienna (ACV which is the largest congress centre in Austria. Since 1998 the VIC is also housing a Visitor Centre where the interested public can learn more about the work of the UN. The presence of International Organizations contributes to Vienna’s attractiveness as a business location.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Mission for any further inquiries about our work at the UN or Austria in general!


Ambassador Dr. Christine Stix-Hackl

Permanent Representative


Permanent Representative